Tejas R. Karhadkar

Dr. Richard Gomer Lab

Entrance year: 2015

Hometown: Khattalwada, INDIA

“The primary focus of my research revolves around a pathological condition known as fibrosis, where scar tissues are formed in the internal organs leading fatal diseases like pulmonary fibrosis, liver-fibrotic diseases, and kidney fibrosis. After working on a group of enzymes known as sialidases, I have narrowed down a single sialidase, primarily involved in the progression of fibrosis. Currently, my focus is on studying a novel class of inhibitors which can be used as potent therapeutics for fibrosis.”

Research Specialties

Medical Genetics- Human and Animal

Microbial Genetics

Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Genetics

Why did you choose the Genetics Ph.D. program at A&M?

My mentor at UT Southwestern medical center was from Texas A&M, and she encouraged me to apply to Ph.D. program at Texas A&M. My previous work in studying spatio-temporal developmental changes using C. elegans as model system introduced me to the wonders of genetic tools and their applications. Secondly, the research at A&M, and the faculty associated with Genetics PhD program encouraged me to choose Genetics PhD program at A&M.

How did the first year of the program help you prepare for your independent research project?

The first year was very important year in my PhD program. Through three lab rotations, I was able to select Gomer lab, and also it gave me an opportunity to interact with the professors about their research. These interactions helped me to prepare for my research projects.

What is at least one big lesson you have learned in the Genetics graduate program that you think is widely applicable to your future pursuits?

Have patience and keep doing your work.

Fun Facts:

Who was your famous role model growing up?

My parents, both mother and father.

What is your favorite thing about life in College Station?

Everything. So far College Station have been very kind and lucky for me.

Do you have any pets? If so, please tell us about them.

No pets here in College Station. But back at home we have couple of Indian cows and buffaloes, and a dog who fasts on every Wednesday.