Shelby Morton

Shelby Morton

Undergraduate Institution: West Texas A&M University

Hometown: Amarillo, TX

Fields of Interest:

Medical Genetics- Human and Animal

Microbial Genetics

Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Genetics

When and how did you realize that you wanted to study Genetics?

I would describe myself as an ambitious person. This drives me to pursue a PhD. I have always been fascinated by the human body and how it works. However, I preferred learning about it in the cellular level; therefore, I chose genetics.

Why did you choose the Genetics PhD program at A&M?

I chose A&M because of the connections I had made there during the SURGe program. All the professors showed a genuine interest in my career. Furthermore, the amount of funding the school receives as a whole, and the tight knit alumni will facilitate many future opportunities.

If you were free to choose anything, what research question/topic would you like to address for your graduate studies?

I am particularly interested in the evolution of mitochondrial genomes, the role they play in disease, and what facilitated endosymbiosis.

Fun Facts:

What would be your dream job after graduation from the program?

My dream job would be working at a Tier One university where I am able to do research and teach bright students and able to be a founder of my own business.

Do you have any pets? If so, please tell us about them.

I have two fish, Moose and Copper, and more plants than is probably reasonable for one person.