Alvear, Dominique

Dominique Alexandria Alvear

Current Institution: University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Hometown: McAllen, Texas

Fields of Interest:

Bioinformatics and Genomics

Conservation & Population Genetics

Medical Genetics- Human and Animal

When and how did you realize that you wanted to study Genetics?

One of my favorite genera of movies to watch are race horsing movies. I remember watching Secretariat the first time and that’s when my brain started turning. I wondered what made Secretariat so different from his half sibling that made him so successful. I had an idea it was his genes. This is when my interest in genetics began.

Why did you choose the Genetics PhD program at A&M?

I always knew I would attend Texas A&M for my graduate studies although I wanted to attend Veterinary School. This changed when I found out about the GENE program. It was literally my dream come true. My dream school with a program of my passion genetics.

If you were free to choose anything, what research question/topic would you like to address for your graduate studies?

I have a wide interest in research. But the perfect topic would be either studying cattle or horses. I am very interested in making cattle more efficient for production in all ways. And horses more looking into race horsing lineages and their offspring.

Fun Facts:

Who was your famous role model growing up?

Temple Grandin was a huge role model for me. She noticed things that most of us overlook daily. Her having autism allowed her to make one of the most important devices used in the cattle industry- the cattle pen design. Even with her diagnoses she did not let it stop her. Besides that, she was able to bring attention to the world in really understanding animal behavior and the impact stresses have on their daily lives. There is so many other reasons she will always be a major role model in my life.

What would be your dream job after graduation from the program?

I would love to have a job in industry. Working for any livestock production company where I would be able to make a larger impact.

Do you have any hidden talents? If so, what are they.

Sadly, my hidden talent is being able to trip over absolutely nothing.

Do you have any pets? If so, please tell us about them.

For 15 years my best friend was my dog Emmii. She passed away in June of 2019. My heart was broken but soon healed when we brought Merle Haggard home in October of 2019. Merle is a completely black mini schnauzer (both his parents were fully white so he kind of defied the odds of coat inheritance). He has the same talents that I do. He can trip over nothing. Merle loves to play fetch, meet new friends, and likes to ride in the car.