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Medical Genetics

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Featuring David Threadgill's Mouse Lab

The David Threadgill lab uses mice to model human populations in order to understand how genetics and the environment interact to alter health and disease. Their studies cover a wide range of diseases like cancer, infections, and metabolic syndrome and environmental exposures such as diet, dioxin and lead. To support their studies, they are also developing new genetic tools to support mammalian systems genetic approaches to phenotypes with complex genetic and environmental causes of a disease.

Along with being a member of the genetics faculty, Dr. David Threadgill is Director of the Texas A&M Institute of Genome Sciences and Society (TIGSS). Genetics and TIGSS co-host the Genetics & Genomics (G2) seminar series every Monday at 4:10pm.

Learn more about research in the David Threadgill Lab by visiting their website ( or emailing Dr. David Threadgill ( To find out more about TIGSS, visit their website (