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Yue (July) Xing

Yue (July) Xing

Advisor: Dr. Clare Gill

Department of Animal Science


  1. B.S., Huazhong University of Science and Technology, June 2013


Entered program in 2013

Research Project:

Objectives - To identify structural variation (SNP, indels and CNV) in whole genome sequences of two sub-species of cattle, and to characterize how structural variation contributes to variation in production efficiency in beef cattle. 

Long-term goal - To establish ways in which indels and CNV can be incorporated into selection and management practices used by the beef industry to aid genetic improvement in traits related to the production efficiency of beef cattle.

Broader Impacts of Research Project:

This project will generate new knowledge of how structural variation contributes to differences in phenotypic expression of economically important traits between the two sub-species of cattle, and how the variations can be incorporated in marker-assisted selection.  We also expect that the methods we develop to use structural variation will have broad applicability in any species in which genomic selection methods are being applied, including humans.