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John Yu

John Yu

Research Geneticist

MS 2587
College Station , TX 77843-2587
Office Phone: (979) 260-9237


Research Interests:

My current research interests include integrated mapping of the cotton genome, molecular characterization of Gossypium germplasm, and genomic analysis of cotton genes of agronomic importance. Currently, we are developing large-insert DNA clones such as BAC and molecular genetic markers such as SSR from the cotton genome. These tools, along with other genomic resources, are used to understand the structure and function of the cotton genome, and to identify new genes or QTLs that are otherwise buried in the cotton germplasm. Genetic factors conferring superior fiber and seed quality, high yield and early maturity, disease and stress resistance are among our most interesting targets for cotton improvement. Such potentially beneficial genes are evaluated for their expression in the enhanced cotton germplasm and/or advanced breeding lines.