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Wesley Brashear

Wesley Brashear

Advisor: Dr. Bill Murphy

Department of Veterinary Integrative Biosciences


  1. M.S., Angelo State University, May 2013


Entered the program in 2013

Research Project:

As part of my dissertation work, I am using the cat family Felidae as a model system to explore the evolution of reproductive isolation via hybrid male sterility. This system has a number of interspecific crosses across a wide breadth of evolutionary divergence in both human-mediated and natural settings. I am using transcriptomic and genomic data to examine the evolution of felid testis transcriptomes, elucidate patterns of genetic misregulation in sterile hybrid males, and assess genetic introgression between naturally hybridizing wild species. We are also interested in the evolution of ampliconic portions of the sex chromosomes and are currently sequencing these regions of the domestic cat genome.

Broader Impacts of Research Project:

This project will help researchers in understanding the origin of barriers to reproduction between species, the maintenance of species boundaries in the face of gene flow, and has implications in the genetic mechanisms that underlie male infertility.