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Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Genetics

People specializing in this area


Hubert Amrein

Taste Perception, Chemosensory Neural Networks and Internal Nutrient Sensing

Deborah Bell-Pedersen

Molecular Genetics of Circadian Rhythms

Clare A. Gill

Growth and development of bovine horns

Paul Hardin

Molecular genetics of biological clocks in Drosophila

Nancy H. Ing

Steroid hormone action on reproductive tissues in mammals

Jun-yuan Ji

Transcriptional regulation of lipid metabolism and tumorigenesis

Geoffrey M. Kapler

Eukaryotic DNA replication, DNA damage checkpoints, genome instability, gene amplification

Gary R. Kunkel

Activation of  Transcription at Vertebrate Gene Promoters

Julian Leibowitz

Coronavirus Replication and Pathogenesis

Jerome Menet

Regulation of rhythmic gene expression by the circadian clock in the mouse

Christine Merlin

Molecular genetics and genomics of circadian clocks and monarch butterfly migration

Michael Polymenis

Coordination of cell growth with cell division

Dorothy Shippen

Telomeres, telomerase and genome structure in Arabidopsis

Raquel Sitcheran

NF-kappaB regulation of mitochondrial function in cancer cell invasion and metabolism

David Stelly

Plant Genetics, Cytogenetics, Biotechnology, Breeding and Genomics

Paul Straight

Microbial Interactions and Secondary Metabolism

David W. Threadgill

Mouse modeling of gene-environment interactions underlying human health and diseases