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Medical Genetics - Human and Animal

People specializing in this area


Mike Criscitiello

Comparative Immunogenetics

Clare A. Gill

Osteogenesis of intramembranous bone

Richard Gomer

Tissue size regulation, Tissue cell composition, and Fibrosing diseases

Nancy H. Ing

Steroid hormone action on reproductive tissues in mammals

Jerome Menet

Regulation of rhythmic gene expression by the circadian clock in the mouse

William Murphy

Mammalian evolutionary genetics


Raquel Sitcheran

NF-kappaB regulation of mitochondrial function in cancer cell invasion and metabolism

Loren C. Skow

Host Determinants of Immune response

David W. Threadgill

Mouse modeling of gene-environment interactions underlying human health and diseases


Nancy D. Turner

Dietary impacts on colon carcinogenesis and the role of the microbiome and metabolome