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Selene Howe

Selene Howe

Advisor: Dr. David Threadgill

Health Science Center
Department of Molecular and Cellular Medicine


  1. B.S., University of Rochester, May 2012


Enter program in 2013

Research Project:

My project focuses on signaling by the epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) as a model system for studying compensatory gene networks. Studies analyzing Egfr-deficient placentas in mice have found that the phenotypes are background-dependent, in which the embryos of some mouse strains survive to term and others die at midgestation. This project takes an in vitro approach to comparing the placental cells of two mouse strains with different phenotypes. The goals are to identify EGFR genetic modifiers and understand the mechanism for genetic compensation that is occuring at the effected stage of placental development.

Broader Impacts of Research Project:

Since Egfr modifier genes have not been identified, results of this project will be novel contributions to understanding Egfr compensatory mechanisms. More generally, this project will add to our limited knowledge on how organisms compensate for mutations in critical genes and aid in understanding genetic interactions.