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Penny K Riggs

Penny K Riggs

Associate Professor

Department of Animal Science

Room 432D Kleberg Center
2471 TAMU

College Station , TX 77843-2471
Office Phone: (979) 845-2616


  1. B.S., Biology, Purdue University
  2. M.S., Cytogenetics, Purdue University
  3. Ph.D., Molecular Genetics, Texas A&M University


Dr. Penny Riggs is an assistant professor of bovine functional genomics in the animal breeding and genetics section of the Department of Animal Science. She received a bachelor’s degree in biology and a master’s in animal cytogenetics from Purdue University. She was a Regents’ Graduate Fellow and received a doctorate in molecular genetics from Texas A&M University. She conducted postdoctoral work in radiation biophysics as a Texas Aerospace Fellow at the University of Houston and the NASA Johnson Space Center, and in carcinogenesis at the University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center’s Science Park – Research Division.

Dr. Riggs is developing graduate and undergraduate courses in functional genomics. Her current research focuses on analysis of global gene and protein expression and signaling relevant to the inheritance of production traits and disease resistance/susceptibility in beef cattle. Other interests include gene mapping and genome structure in river buffalo, canine oncology, and genomic analysis in other vertebrate species. Previous research included production of transgenic mice and fish, chromosome breakage and rearrangement associated with equine and porcine infertility, as well as radiation and environmental insult, and genetic susceptibility to carcinogenesis.

Dr. Riggs has received an Award of Excellence from the Purdue University College of Agriculture, and a Brigid G. Leventhal Scholar award in cancer research. Professional memberships include the American Genetic Association, Gamma Sigma Delta, International Society of Animal Genetics, and Texas Genetics Society.

Current Genetics Students:

Michelle Dawes


Robert Vaughn