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William Murphy

William Murphy


Department of Veterinary Integrative Biosciences

4458 TAMU
College Station , TX 77843-4458
Office Phone: (979) 458-0906


  1. B.S., Biological Sciences, Illinois State University, 1992
  2. Ph.D., Biological Science, Tulsa University, 1997


Research Interests:

Mammalian phylogenetics and molecular evolution, Feline evolutionary genomics, Y chromosome evolution, Genetics of hybrid sterility.

Selected Publications:

Meredith, R. W., Janecka, J. E., Gatesy, J., Ryder, O. A., Fisher, C. A., Teeling, E. C., Goodbla, A., Eizirik, E., Sim?o, T. L. L., Stadler, T., Rabosky, D. L., Honeycutt, R. L., Flynn, J. J., Ingram, C. M., Steiner, C., Williams, T. L., Robinson, T. J., Burk-Herrick, A., Westerman, M., Ayoub, N. A., Springer, M. S., and W. J. Murphy. 2011. Impacts of the Cretaceous Terrestrial Revolution and KPg Extinction on mammal diversification. Science.  In press.

Mason, V.C., Li, G., Helgen, K. M., and W. J. Murphy. 2011. Efficient cross-species capture hybridization and next-generation DNA sequencing of mitochondrial genomes from non-invasively sampled museum specimens. Genome Research In press (October 2011 issue).

Janecka, J.E., Jackson, R.M., Munkhtsog, B., Mallon, D.P., Naranbaatar, G., and W.J. Murphy. 2011. Comparison of noninvasive genetic and camera-trapping techniques for surveying snow leopards. Journal of Mammalogy  92: 771-783.

Li, G., Janecka, J.E., and W. J. Murphy. 2011. Accelerated evolution of CES7, a gene encoding a novel major urinary protein in the cat family. Molecular Biology and Evolution 28: 911-920.

Davis, B.W., Li, G., and W.J. Murphy. 2010. Reconciling the evolutionary radiation of the big cats (Panthera) using a Y chromosome supermatrix and a critical reanalysis of mitochondrial DNA. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution  56: 64-76.

Hayden, S., Bekaert, M., Crider, T., Mariani, S., Murphy, W.J., and E.C. Teeling. 2010. Ecological adaptation determines functional mammalian olfactory subgenomes.  Genome Research  20: 1-9.Miller, W., Drautz, D.I., Janecka, J.E., Lesk, A.M., Ratan, A., Tomsho, L.P., Packard, M., Zhang, Y., McClellan, L.R., Qi, J. et al. 2009. The mitochondrial genome sequence of the Tasmanian tiger (Thylacinus cynocephalus). Genome Research 19: 213-220.

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Meredith, R. W., Gatesy, J., Murphy, W. J., Ryder, O. A., and M. S. Springer. 2009. Molecular decay of the tooth gene enamelin (ENAM) mirrors the loss of enamelin in placental mammals. PLoS Genetics  5: e1000634.

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Janecka, J.E., Helgen, K.M., Lim, N.T.L., Baba, M., Izawa, M., and Murphy, W.J. 2008. Evidence for multiple species of Sunda colugo. Current Biology 18: R1001-R1002.

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BIMS 320/GENE 320 Biomedical Genetics