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Claudio Casola

Claudio Casola

Assistant Professor

Department of Ecosystem Science and Management

317 Horticulture Forest Science Building
College Station , TX 77843
Office Phone: (979) 845-8803


Research Interests

Our group is interested in studying the genetic basis of adaptation and genome evolution in forest trees using both experimental and computational approaches.

Conifers, and pine trees in particular, are the main subjects of our research. We work in collaboration with the Texas A&M Forest Service, the ESSM Department Forest Science Laboratory and the USDA Forest Service Southern Research Station to apply genome-wide tools to tree breeding improvement programs. We are also investigating on multiple aspects of genome evolution in conifers using comparative genomic approaches that take advantage of recently sequenced conifer genomes.

Our goal is to improve genome assembly and annotation strategies in these large nuclear genomes, and characterize the molecular evolution of gene families, transposable elements and other classes of DNA sequences at a genome-wide level.