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2016   Stephen Caster                         The stress response and circadian regulation of translation in Neurospora
2016   Erika Downey-Slinker               Studies of immunogenetic variation in cattle
2016   Victor Mason                            Reassessing colugo phylogeny, taxonomy, and biogeography by genome
                                                                  wide comparisons and DNA capture hybridization from museum
2015   Catherine Busch                       Mapping a gene responsible for natural resistance to Rift Valley fever virus in
                                                                  inbred mice
2015   Lauren Dobson                        Sequencing the genome of the North American Bison
2015   Yvette Halley-Schultz               A draft de novo genome assembly and mitochondrial population genomics for
                                                                  the Northern Bobwhite (Colinus virginianus)
2015   Hao-Ching Hsiao                      Protein interactions in regulation and assembly
2015   Amanda Hulse-Kemp               Development of genomic markers and mapping tools for assembling the
                                                                  allotetraploid Gossypium hirsutum L. draft genome sequence
2015   Rachel Jordan                          Epigenetic regulation of silent chromatin in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
2015   Cole McQueen                         Investigating genetic susceptibility to Rhodococcus equi
2015   Robbie Schultz                        From signaling to structure: regulation of extracellular matrix in C. elegans
2015   Kylee Veazey                           An epigenetic basis to the etiology of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders
2013   Kory Douglas                           Genomic imprinting and X-chromosome inactivation in the gray, short-tailed
                                                                  opossum, Monodelphis domestica
2013   Jaime Brannan                         Transcriptional profiling of immune responses in cattle experimentally infested
                                                                  with Amblyomma americanum ticks
2013    Ryan Doan                              The identification and characterization of copy number variants in the bovine
2013    Charles Goldsmith                   Regulation of the p38 MAPK signaling pathway by the circadian clock
2013    Michael Johanson                   An investigation of insulator proteins in mosquito genomes
2013    Lauren Ritchie                         Diet, disease state, and the space environment modify the intestinal
                                                                 microbiota and mucosal environment via microbiota-directed alterations in
                                                                  colonocyte signaling
2013    Eric Strickland                         MicroRNA  dysregulaton following spinal cord contusion: implication for neural
                                                                  plasticity and neuropathic pain
2013    Brian Davis                              Genomics and transcriptomics of hybrid male sterility assessed in mutliple
                                                                   interspecies feline breeds
2013    Vikram Chhatre                        Population structure, associations, and landscape genomics of East Texas
                                                                  Loblolly Pine (Pinus taeda L.)
2013    Robert Vaughn                         Genetic mechanisms that contribute to differences in beef tenderness
                                                                  following electrical stimulation
2012    Elizabeth Richey                      Probing the roles that intraflagellar transport B proteins play on stability,
                                                                  assembly, and localization of complex B in Chlamydomonas reinhardtII
2012    Manasvi Shah                          Modulation of intestinal microRNAs by a chemoprotective diet
2012    Charles Weige                         Estrogen receptor beta and p53 play integral roles in estadiol mediated
                                                                   protection against colon tumor development
2011    Mindy Carnahan                       Elucidating the functions of sialylation in Drosophila melanogaster
2011    Frankie Crutcher                       An investigation of two modes of plant protection by the biocontrol agent
                                                                   Trichoderma virens
2011    Erica Fang                                 Molecular studies in horses with SRY-positive XY sex reversal
2011    Erin Gillenwaters-Flores            Characterization of the bovine cathelicidin gene family
2011    Gayle Linger Williamson           Characterization and analysis of the bovine epigenome during
                                                                    preimplantation embryo development in vitro
2011    Dmitry Lyalin                             The role of O-mannosyl glycans in Drosophila development
2011    Mahesh Padanad                      The role of Fgf and its downstream effectors in otic and epibranchial
                                                                   development in zebrafish
2011    Pamela Sandoval                      Conserved and unconventional responses to DNA damage in Tetrahymena
2011    Shih-Chi Su                               Study of endothelial morphogenesis in three-dimensional collagen matrices
2011    Rachel Wright                            Characterization of RPGR variants and their role in inherited retinal
2010    Sarah Black                               Endogenous retroviruses in the ovine uterus and conceptus
2010    Catherine Cifuentes-Rojas        Duplication and diversification of Arabidopsis thaliana telomerase RNP
2010    Sung Gook Cho                         KiSS1 and its G-protein coupled receptor (Gpr54) in cancer progression
                                                                   and metastasis
2010    Charles Greenwald                    Evolution of genes and gene networks in filamentous fungi
2010    Pamela Koo                               Functional dissection of the sensory rays in C. elegans male mating
2010    Tomasz Koralewski                    Comparative genomic analysis of adaptive and economic trait related genes
                                                                    in southern pines
2010    Bonny Millimaki                          The function and genetic interactions of zebrafish atoh1 and sox2: genes
                                                                    involved in hair cell development and regeneration
2010    Michael Peoples                         Identification and characterization of bovine Pol III promoters to express
                                                                    short-hairpin RNA
2010    Megan Reynolds                        Identification of novel virulence genes of Salmonella enterica using an array
                                                                    based analysis of cistrons under selection
2009    Shawn Christensen                    The function of the lipoxygenase ZmLOX10 in maize interactions with
                                                                    insects and pathogens
2009    Krista Fritz                                  Analysis of haplotype structure in the bovine major histocompatibility
2009    Elena Repnikova                        Role of sialylation in the nervous system development of Drosophila

2009    Xiangyu Shi                                Study of gene silencing in rice: a root preferential gene RCG2
2009    Yiming Jiang                              Rice transformation as a means to study gene expression
2009    C. Michael Dickens                    Structural, functional and evolutionary characterization of sense-antisense
                                                                    transcripts in mammals
2008    Daniel Grum                              The identification of five seedlings hyper-sensitive to light (SHL) and
                                                                    characterization of SHL7
2008    Todd Gruninger                         The neuromolecular mechanisms that coordinate food availability with
                                                                    Caenorhabditis elegans male sexual behavior
2008    Jenni Weeks                              Identification of genetic loci and transcriptional networks that confer
                                                                    survival and virulence of Brucella melintensis
2008    Jonathan Rios                            Genetic analysis of equine 2',5'-oligoadenylate synthetase (OAS1) and
                                                                    ribonuclease L (RNASEL) polymorphisms and association to severe
                                                                    West Nile virus disease
2008    Hanni Salih                                 An updated object oriented bovine QTL viewer and genome-wide QTL
2008    Kris Wunderlich                          Structural and functional characterization of the polled interval on bovine
                                                                    chromosome 1
2007    Stephanie Herbst                       Genetic analysis of dilated cardiomyopathy in the Great Dane
2007    Darren Hagen                            Identification and characterization of germline-specific promoters for
                                                                    remobilization of transgenes in the mosquitoes, Aedes aegypti and
                                                                    Anopheles gambiae
2007    Ryan Huebinger                         Genetic relationships and evolutionary history of extant bowhead whale
                                                                    populations, Balaena mysticetus
2007    Ashley Davidson                        Characterization of the mutation causative for autosomal recessive
                                                                    hereditary nephropathy in the English Cocker Spaniel and analysis of
                                                                    gene expression in multiple models of hereditary nephropathy
2007    Jinbai Guo                                  Control of cell division by nutrients, and ER stress signaling in
                                                                    Saccharomyces cerevisiae
2006    Sean Adhikari                             Glucose oxidation in heart-type fatty acid binding protein null mice
2006    Candice Brinkmeyer Langford    Integrated high-resolution physical and comparative gene maps in horses
2006    Sarah Canterberry                      Understanding the genetics of aging: a canine model
2006    Christopher Childers                   Sequence assembly and annotation of the bovine major
                                                                     histocompatibility complex (BoLA) class IIb region, and in silico
                                                                     detection of sequence polymorphisms in BoLA IIb
2006    Ruhee Dere                                The molecular mechanisms involved in the genetic instability of the
                                                                    CCTG-CAGG repeats associated with myotonic dystrophy type 2
2006    Dianne Mitchell                           Regulation and function of the Rho GTPase mediated signaling pathways
                                                                     in metastasis and lenticular differentiation
2005    Meng Chen                                 Disruption of DNA methylation induces genome-specific changes in gene
                                                                    expression in Arabidopsis allotetraploids
2005    Shibani Datta                              Isolation and genetic dissection of an eukaryotic replicon that supports
                                                                    autonomous DNA replication
2005    Glenda Goh                                High resolution physical and comparative maps of horse chromosomes
                                                                    14 (ECA14) and 21 (ECA21)
2005    Christine Gray                            Promoters, enhancers and insulators for improved mosquito transgenesis
2005    Colleen Ingram                           The evolution of nuclear microsatellite DNA markers and their flanking
                                                                    regions using reciprocal comparisons within the African mole-rats
                                                                   (Rodentia: Bathyergidae)
2005    Shaheen Khan                            Mechanisms of hormonal regulation of CAD gene expression and
                                                                    inhibition by Aryl hydrocarbon receptor agonist in human breast cancer
2005    Wentao Mi                                  The effect of stress on the neuropathogenesis of Theiler's virus-induced
                                                                    demyelination as an animal model of multiple sclerosis
2005    Jason Sweny                              A comparison of diversity in the zfy gene in two species of pinnipeds with
                                                                    different breeding strategies
2005    Joshua Turse                              Concerning Brucella LPS  : genetic analysis and role in host- agent
2004    Summer Acevedo                       The dynamics, interactions and phenotypes associated with the three
                                                                    members of the 14-3-3 family in Drosophila melanogaster
2004    Edward Cargill                            Development of a multiplexing strategy for whole genome scans of the
                                                                    domestic dog and analysis of hereditary deafness in the Dalmatian
2004    Archana Dhasarathy                   Interplay between promoter occupancy and chromatin remodeling
                                                                    requirements in transactivation of the S.cerevisiae PHO5 gene
2004    Tanmayi Mankame                     Evaluation of alterations in gene expression in MCF-7 cells induced by
                                                                    the agricultural chemicals Enable and Diazinon
2004    Nicole Ramlachan                      Organization of the class I region of the bovine major histocompatibility
                                                                    complex (BoLA) and the characterization of a class I frameshift deletion
                                                                    (BoLA-A del) prevalent in feral bovids
2004    Avni Santani                               Genomic analysis of the horse Y chromosome
2004    Christopher Seabury                  Genetic evaluation of the ovine and bovine prion protein genes (PRNP)
2004    Shawn Walker                            Development of a highly efficient method for the production of cloned
                                                                    animals in the agricultural and biomedical fields
2003    Lori Adams-Phillips                    Molecular analysis of ethylene signal transduction in tomato
2003    Alyson Baker                              Variation of mitochondrial control region sequences of Steller sea lions:
                                                                    the three-stock hypothesis
2003    Melissa Cox                                Identification of a mutation in COL4A5 causative for X-linked Alport
                                                                    syndrome in the domestic dog and analysis of gene expression in the
                                                                    kidneys of affected and nonaffected siblings
2003    Scott Dindot                                The development of a bovine interspecies model for the analysis of
                                                                     genomic imprinting in normal and nuclear transfer derived fetuses
2003    Wenxiang Gao                            Wide-cross whole-genome radiation hybrid (WWRH) mapping and
                                                                     identification of cold-responsive genes using oligo-gene microarray
                                                                     analysis in cotton
2003    Natalie Halbert                            The utilization of genetic markers to resolve modern management issues
                                                                     in historic bison populations: implications for species conservation
2003    Anna Hale                                  Screening potato genotypes for antioxidant activity, identification of the
                                                                    responsible compounds, and differentiating Russet Norkotah strains
                                                                    using AFLP and microsatellite marker analysis
2003    Paul Ragsdale                            Diallel analysis of within-boll seed yield components and fiber properties
                                                                    in upland cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) and breeding potential for heat
2003    Shuxin Ren                                 Telomerase activator1: a zinc-finger protein that acts synergistically with
                                                                     auxin to control telomerase expression in Arabidopsis thaliana
2003    Stephen White                            Comparative radiation hybrid mapping and haplotype analysis of bovine
2003    Xin Xie                                        Sugar sensing and regulation of conidiation in Neurospora crassa
2002    Kimberly Greer                           Expression of Aequorea green fluorescent protein produces excess
                                                                    intracellular reactive oxygen species, leading to apoptosis
2002    Libin Wang                                 Characterization of the telomerase holoenzyme from the hypotrichous
                                                                    ciliate Euplotes crassus
2002    Yuksel Bolek                               Mapping of Verticillium wilt resistance genes in cotton
2002    Judy Brooks                                Analysis of structural genes and experimental recombination between
                                                                     virus and transfected RNA fragments of avian infectious bronchitis virus
2002    Concetta Bormans                     Development of genetic markers for blast resistance genes in rice
                                                                    (Oryza sativa L.) for use in marker assisted selection
2002    Yuhua Farnell                             Regulation of estradiol-responsive genes by selective estrogen
                                                                    modulators in uterine cells
2002    Ismael Samudio                          ERalpha/SP1 regulation of DNA polymerase alpha and related genes in
                                                                    breast cancer cells : mechanistic studies
2002    Eric Weaver                                Phylogenetic analysis of feline immunodeficiency virus and the
                                                                    development of a prophylactic genetic vaccine
2001    Thomas Brooks                          Mapping of cotton fiber length and strength quantitative trait loci using
2001    G. Jagadeeswaran                     Functional analysis and characterization of a water deficit stress induced
                                                                    gene lp5 in loblolly pine (Pinus taeda L.)
2001    Heather Newkirk                         Construction and analysis of two ordered BAC arrays spanning the
                                                                    bovine major histocompatability complex (BoLA)
2001    Robert Schnabel                         Developing DNA-based technologies in North American bison:
                                                                    parentage testing, linkage mapping and QTL scans
2001    James Thomson                         Optimizing integration events in the Cre/loxP system
2001    Natalie Wreyford                              Isolation and characterization of equine NRAMP1: a candidate gene for
                                                                    natural resistance to Rhodococcus equi
2001    Hongyan Zhu                              Genetic architecture of the NBS-LRR resistance gene family in
                                                                    Medicago truncatula
and comparative genome analysis between
                                                                    Medicago truncatula and Arabidopsis
2001    Keyong Zou                                Caged thiophosphorylated peptides and proteins
2000    Sharon Anderson                       Taxonomy of Zoysia (Poaceae) morphological and molecular variation
2000    Joseph Bielawski                        Molecular phylogenetics and evolution of subgenus Notropis
2000    Christine Elsik                             The low-copy component of the Pinus taeda genome
2000    Beverly Finklea                           Organochlorines in the blubber of bottlenose dolphins that died in the
                                                                    1990 Matagorda Bay epizootic
2000    John Jakupciak                           Recombination mediated instabilities of (CTG-CAG) and (CAG-CTG)
                                                                    triplet repeat sequences from human hereditary diseases
2000    Priya Kannan                              Investigating the role of ethylene signal transduction and gene regulation
                                                                    during tomato fruit development and ripening
2000    Catherine Malone                       Phylogenetics, biogeography, and conservation of Caribbean Iguanas
                                                                    (Cyclura and Iguana)
2000    David Riley                                 Heterosis and heterosis retention in reproductive traits, weight and
                                                                    condition of Brahman - British crossbred cows
2000    Susan Tanksley                          Analysis of genetic differentiation in white-winged doves
2000    Todd Ward                                  An evaluation of the outcome of interspecific hybridization events
                                                                    coincident with a dramatic demographic decline in North American Bison
1999    Rick Brenneman                         A positional candidate gene approach to the discovery of quantitative trait
                                                                    loci on bovine chromosome 5
1999    Marcos De Donato Capote         Physical assignment of microsatellites to bovine chromosomes and
                                                                    integration of physical-linkage-RH maps of BTA5 containing comparative
1999    Stacy Denison                            How common are fragile sites in humans: interindividual variation in the
                                                                    distribution of aphidicolin-induced fragile sites
1999    Tien-Hung Lan                            Molecular genetics of Brassica oleracea and Arabidopsis thaliana
1999    Indira Ratnayaka                        Agrobacterium mediated gene transformation of rice: comparison of
                                                                    callus and shoot apex derived plants
1999    Lori Shrode                                     The fluffy gene of Neurospora crassa encodes a C6 zinc cluster protein
                                                                    that is sufficient for induction of conidiation and necessary for
                                                                    conidiophore development
1999    Regina Weaks                                Analysis of apoptosis in murine embryonic stem cells
1999    Ziad Kawar                                 Characterization of a lepidopteran insect alpha1,2-mannosidase: cDNA
                                                                    cloning, biosynthesis, subcellular localization, and substrate specificity
1998    Paul Bielec                                 A comparative molecular cytogenetic characterization of the Atlantic
                                                                    bottlenose dolphin
1998    Thomas Brodigan                            Development of a genetic linkage map of comparative anchor loci for
                                                                    bovine chromosome 5    
1998    Emilie Campbell                         Identification and isolation of genes affecting adipose tissue development
1998    Rakesh Dubey                                Localization and identification of anonymous RFLP linkage using
                                                                    segmental aneuploid stocks of cotton   
1998    Lisa Gefrides                                  The use of mouse models to elucidate the genetic and environmental
                                                                   components of neural tube defects
1998    Trina Guerra                                   Genetic analyses of the Texas horned lizard, Phrynosoma cornutum:
                                                                   implications for conservation
1998    Yuanfu Ji                                     Advances in plant genome analysis by integrative mapping and meiotic
                                                                   molecular cytogenetics
1998    Cathi Lehn                                  Positional cloning of candidate genes affecting growth in Bos taurus
                                                                    x Bos indicus
1998    Yann-Rong Lin                            Construction of a Sorghum propinquum BAC library, toward positional
                                                                    cloning of the sorghum shattering gene (Sh1) and the Sorghum
                                                                    photoperiodic gene (Ma1)
1998    Lanying Lu                                      Genetic relatedness of polygyne queens in the red imported fire ant
                                                                   Solenopsis invicta determined by microsatellite analysis
1998    Virginia Massey                          Intron C nucleotide sequences of the bovine MHC class I genes:
                                                                    evolutionary implications
1998    Rosalee McShane                      Organization and expression of bovine MHC (BoLA) class I genes
1998    Ramachandra Penmetsa           Development of a genetic system in Medicago truncatula: production and
                                                                    characterization of developmental and symbiotic mutants
1998    Kim Reischmann                             Cis-acting sequence determinants for rDNA replication in T. thermophila
1998    Caird Rexroad III                        Radiation hybrid mapping of bovine chromosome one
1998    Alejandro Rooney                       Assessment of recent bottlenecks: a case study of the Bering-Chukchi-
                                                                    Beaufort Seas stock of bowhead whales
1998    Larry Ross                                      Cycloheximide inhibition of delayed early gene expression in
                                                                    baculovirus-infected cells
1998    Yibing Song                                    Genetic and physical fine mapping of the POLL locus to BTA1 in a Bos
                                                                    indicus X Bos taurus cross
1998    Dannialle Stillwell                            Genetic and physical mapping of the POLL locus to bovine chromosome
                                                                    1 in a Bos indicus x Bos taurus cross    
1998    Yiqun Weng                                Construction of physical maps of group-6 chromosomes of wheat
                                                                    (Triticum aestivum L.) and a consensus Triticeae group-6 physical map
1998    Melanie Wike                                   Mitochondrial-DNA variation among populations of Peromyscus from
                                                                    Yukon, Canada and southeastern Alaska
1998    Xiaodong Wu                              Comparative mapping and positional candidate cloning of economic trait
                                                                     loci on bovine chromosomes 2 and 4
1998    Jiasui Zhan                                 The role of immigration, mating system and selection on the genetic
                                                                    structure of populations of the wheat pathogen Mycosphaerella

1997    Robert Barber                             Evaluation of the human folate receptor Alpha Locus as a candidate gene
                                                                    for increased neural tube defect risk
1997    Barbara Bielec                                Utilization of the microsomal epoxide hydolase gene for the detection of
                                                                    high risk epileptic pregnancies
1997    Sangdun Choi                             A new approach for the identification and cloning of genes
1997    Huey-Wen Chuang                     Characterization of a cDNA related to the tomato jointless locus
1997    Changheng Du                           Molecular genetic mapping of chromosomes 6A and 6B of tetraploid
                                                                    wheat (Triticum turgidum L.)
1997    Martha Gomez                                Molecular cytogenetic physical mapping of Sorghum bicolor
1997    Leyuan Liu                                  The role of S5' Beta-strand in the allosteric communication of Serratia
                                                                     marcescens aspartate transcarbamoylase
1997    Edward Louis                              Genetic Analysis of the Galapagos tortoise, Geochelone nigra: taxonomic
                                                                    relationships among subspecies and population assignment of captive
1997    Xianghuai Lu                              Marker-assisted genetic analysis and manipulation of fruit ripening
1997    Kelli Mathiason                               Isolation and characterization of microsatellite markers in the equine
1997    Kathryn Meurs                           Genetic evaluation of feline hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
1997    Karen Moore                              Characterization of porcine inner cell mass (pICM) and primordial germ
                                                                   cells (pPGC) for the development of transgenic embryonic cell lines
1997    David Starkey                             Molecular systematics and biogeography of the New World turtle genera
                                                                    Trachemys and Kinosternon
1997    Scott Vacha                                The use of differential display to identify candidate genes for susceptibility
                                                                    to heat-induced exencephaly in a mouse model
1997    Robert Wright                             Toward high-resolution mapping of genes conferring resistance in cotton
                                                                    to the bacterial blight pathogen
1997    Michael Zwick                             Construction and characterization of a partial bacterial artificial
                                                                    chromosome (BAC) library and the use of BACs for physical mapping
                                                                    in plants using fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH)
1996    Sue Berend                                Individual-variation and inheritance of aphidicolin-induced chromosomal
                                                                    fragile sites in Peromyscus maniculatus
1996    Pepper Chastain                             A model for equine breed identification using microsatellites and posterior
                                                                    probability testing    
1996    Elizabeth Crouch                        An accessory protein to DNA polymerase Alpha exhibits structural and
                                                                    functional similarities to SV40 large T antigen
1996    Stacia Engel                               Molecular systematics and paleobiogeography of the South American
                                                                    sigmodontine rodents
1996    Qing Gao                                    Comparative mapping of the bovine genome : a multi-method approach
                                                                    targeting three gene families and bovine chromosome 7
1996    Kimberly Greer                                Isolation, sequencing, and the genomic organization of the reduced folate
                                                                    carrier gene in the murine system
1996    Robert Hanson                           Molecular cytogenetic genome analysis of a cultivated cotton (Gossypium
                                                                    hirsutum L.)
1996    Shuxian Hu                                 Studies on bovine MHC (BoLA) class I gene family: identification and
                                                                    expression of BoLA class I gene
1996    Xiangyang Kong                         RAPD mapping and its application in slash pine breeding
1996    Byung-Moo Lee                          Genetic dissection of abscisic acid biosynthesis in maise embryos
1996    Stephanie Myers Unice                   Karyotypic variation in populations of deer mice (Peromyscus
) from the northeastern United States and eastern Canada
1996    Manuel Reyes-Valdes                Meiotic configurations for chiasma analysis: a statistical approach
1996    John Rice                                        Molecular evolution of the control region in feliform carnivores    
1996    Penny Riggs                               Development and characterization of a bovine interspecific hybrid
                                                                     backcross panel : linkage analysis, gene mapping, and cytogenetics
1996    Kevin Rittenhouse                           Mitochondrial DNA control region sequences used for identification of
                                                                    species in two forensic science case studies: the Monte Cristi shipwreck
                                                                    and a homicide case
1996    John Steinke                              Effects on transcription initiation mediated through different mechanisms
                                                                    by transcriptional activators in vitro
1996    Erik Upeslacis                                 Cloning and nucleotide sequence of the Bartonella bacilliformis genes
                                                                    alaS and leuS, which encode aminoacyl tRNA synthetases; pyrF, which
                                                                    encodes orotidine 5' monophosphate decarboxylase; and txpA, an ABC
                                                                    transporter-like protein similar to the Agrobacterium tumefaciens chvA
1996    Sung-Sick Woo                          Development of a map-based cloning system in Sorghum bicolor:
                                                                    1) isolation of megabase-size DNA and construction of a bacterial
                                                                    artificial chromosome library and, 2) genetic and physical mapping of
                                                                    the 5S rDNA locus
1996    Yaping Yang                               Determining the evolutionary relationship of human chromosome 17 and
                                                                    bovine chromosome 19 by comparative gene mapping
1995    Brian Burns                                Development and application of genetic maps of eight bovine
                                                                    chromosomes to identify economic trait loci in Bos indicus x Bos taurus
1995    Li Cai                                          Bovine bacterial artificial chromosomes as tools for genetic and physical
1995    Michael Forstner                        Phylogenetic relationships among snakes inferred from mitochondrial
                                                                    DNA sequence data
1995    Joseph Gwyn                             Genetic characterization and mapping of the Semigamy mutant of cotton
                                                                    (Gossypium barbadense L.)
1995    John Ludes-Meyers                    Mutagenesis of the bovine papillomavirus type 1 E1 open reading frame:
                                                                     analysis of replication and transformation
1995    David MacAlpine                              The expression of lactate dehydrogenase in Zea mays seedlings under
                                                                     hypoxic and anoxic conditions    
1995    Hisham Nagaty                           The potential of RAPD technology and its application in loblolly pine
1995    Michael Nedbal                           Higher level systematics of rodents: evidence from the mitochondrial 12S
                                                                    rRNA gene
1995    Frederick Noensie                           Isolation of fruit ripening genes from tomato    
1995    R. Mark Thallman                       Molecular selection: processing genetic information by applying selection
                                                                    to populations of loci represented by DNA molecules
1995    Deric Walpole                                  Mitochondrial DNA variation in populations of Peromyscus eremicus from
                                                                    the Sonoran and Chihuahuan Deserts    
1995    William Wright                                 Identification and partial sequence of a chicken beta-adrenergic receptor
1995    Yaw-Ching Yang                         Isolation and identification of Triticum aestivum cv. Chinese Spring-
                                                                    Aegilops variabilis disomic chromosome addition lines using
                                                                    morphological and molecular markers
1995    Chen-Chen Yeh                              Genetic and interval mapping of the bovine X chromosome for
                                                                    quantitative trait loci using microsatellite markers    
1994    Rick Brenneman                             Scoring and mapping bovine anchor loci and screening polymorphic
                                                                    markers for horns and coat color in a Bos indicus X Bos taurus cross    
1994    Julianne Collins                               Carrier genotype determination in Salers cattle using lymphocyte Beta-
                                                                    mannosidase activity    
1994    James DeWoody                             Isolation and characterization of microsatellite markers in white-tailed
1994    Eric Gricius                                      Population structure in the Gulf Killifish Fundulus grandis (Teleostei:
                                                                    Cyprinodontidae) inferred from allozymes and mitochondrial DNA    
1994    Andy Herring                              Evaluation of birth, weaning, feedlot and carcass traits of F1 calves sired
                                                                    by Brahman, Boran, and Tuli bulls
1994    Shawn Holt                                 Sequence determinants for DNA binding specificity and transient DNA
                                                                    replication for the bovine papillomavirus type 1 E1 protein
1994    Pascal Hua                                 Physiological evaluation of the role of aspartate transcarbamoylase in the
                                                                    pyrimidine pathway
1994    Asrun Kristmundsdottir                    Systematics and biogeography of Cyprinella venusta (Cyprinidae:
                                                                    Teleostei) inferred from analysis of mitochondrial DNA    
1994    Nam Paek                                  Regulation of anthocyanin synthesis and embryo quiescence by
                                                                    Viviparous-1 and abscistic acid during maize kernel development
1994    Linda Richardson                            Geographic variation in the mitochondrial DNA of the red shiner
                                                                    (Cyprinella lutrensis): the influence of Pleistocene glaciation on
                                                                    population dispersal and divergence    
1994    Andrew Salinger                             Histone H1 proteins in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii       
1994    Peter Skirpstunas                           Molecular cytogenetic assessments of chromosomal evolution and
                                                                    genome organization within the Bovidae    
1993    Ronald Adkins                            Evolution of the cytochrome c oxidase subunit II gene in primates and
1993    Evison Bhebhe                           Isolation of molecular genetic markers and a search for possible
                                                                    associations with parasite resistance and quantitative trait loci in Capra

1993    Zengjian Chen                            RFLP-based genetic maps of chromosomes 6A and 6B of tetraploid
                                                                    wheat (Triticum turgidum L.)
1993    Michael Dilling                            Transfer and expression of a retrovirus vector containing an interferon-
                                                                    alpha1 gene in interferon deficient cultured cells
1993    Theodore Garber                        Molecular evolution of bovine major histocompatibility complex (BoLA)
                                                                    class I genes: concerted evolution does not occur among the five BoLA
                                                                    class I loci
1993    Martha Gomez                                Genome size variation of Gossypium hirsutum    
1993    Oscar Joost                                Early genetic events in the interaction of Verticillium dahliae and
                                                                    Gossypium species
1993    Srinivas Kata                                   Identification of opaque-2 genotypes in segregating populations of quality
                                                                    protein maize by analysis of restriction fragment length polymorphisms
1993    Rebecca Linn                                  The identification of genetic markers in the Roseate Spoonbill Ajaia ajaja
                                                                    and the family Bovidae and their application in captive population
1993    Holly Neibergs                            Anchoring the bovine physical and linkage maps
1993    Eric Sachs                                  Pyramiding the Delta-endotoxin from Bacillus thuringiensis with plant
                                                                    resistance traits in cotton
1993    Matthew Schroeder                    Analysis of the changes in DNA polymerase Alpha as a result of age and
                                                                    transformation in cultured human fibroblast cell lines
1993    Hsiao-Yuan Tang                        Structure analysis of 230 kilodaltons bullous pemphigoid antigen
1993    Abdou Tenkouano                      Genetic and ontogenic analysis of anthracnose resistance in Sorghum
                                                                    bicolor (L.) Moench
1992    Nina Barcenas-Ortega               Cytogenetic and genome size studies of the boll weevil Anthonomus
                                                                    grandis Boheman and related species
1992    Van Crouch                                     Electrophoretic karyotyping of Phymatotrichum omnivorum    
1992    Donna Day                                      Establishing order and linkage of loci on bovine syntenic group U10    
1992    Allan Dietz                                  Analysis of the prolactin related proteins and placental lactogen gene
                                                                    family and the development of a sequence tagged site based bovine
                                                                    gene map
1992    Abdelmegid Fahmi                     Molecular characterization of the ribulose bisphosphate carboxylase
1992    Michael Grosz                            Molecular genetics of bovine 70 kilodalton heat shock protein (HSP70)
1992    Bryant McAllister                             Chromosomal fragile sites in deer mice: distribution, variation, and
                                                                    potential role in chromosomal evolution  
1992    Christopher Schutta                        The characterization of bovine IgG1 allotypes using monoclonal
                                                                    antibodies in an Enzyme-linked Immunosorbant Assay    
1992    Debra Zimring                            Characterization of a new microphthalmia mutation in the DBA
1991    Darrell Ellsworth                         Mitochondrial DNA and nuclear gene diversity among white-tailed deer
                                                                    (Odocoileus virginianus) populations in the southeastern United States
                                                                    and within the North American prairie grouse (Tympanuchus) complex
1991    Denise Garcia                            Population structure and patterns of speciation in the genus
1991    Charleen Hamilton                     Immunological identification of the Escherichia coli F plasmid gene
                                                                    responsible for acetylation of F-Pilin
1991    Gary Rohrer                               Estimation of genetic parameters and maternal effects of Brangus cattle
                                                                    using BLUP
1991    Sara Sunden                              Population structures, evolutionary relationships and genetic effects of
                                                                    domestication in American Penaeid shrimp
1991    David Wall                                  An evaluation of DNA fingerprinting in nine breeds of domestic cattle
1991    Teresa White                                   Development of an efficient electrotransformation system for
                                                                    Xanthomonas campestris pv. oryzae and its application to genetic
1991    Nan Zhang                                 Genomic mapping in the bovine of loci on human chromosomes 4, 5
                                                                    and 9
1990    James Derr                                 Genetic interactions between two species of North American deer,
                                                                    Odocoileus virginianus and Ococoileus hemionus
1990    Martin Michaelson                      A survey of DNA content variation and its molecular basis in Helianthus
1990    Paige Pierce                                    A microgeographic analysis of genetic variation in the collared peccary    
1990    Laura Schliesing                             Genomic DNA methylation in various developmental stages of two plant
                                                                    pathogenic fungi    
1990    Deborah Threadgill                     Comparative mapping of homologous loci from four human chromosomes
                                                                     in the bovine
1990    Kien Tjhen                                        Proteolytic enzyme activities in abscisic acid insensitive (vp), abscisic
                                                                     acid deficient (vp5) and normal maize kernels during tissue
1990    Tammy Tobin                              Comparative mapping of the immunoglobulin genes in domestic cattle
1990    Ke Wei                                             Site specific mutagenesis study of the protein folding process of
1990    Robert Wiggers                           A cytogenetic and molecular characterization of Meloidogyne-induced
                                                                     giant cell nuclei
1989    Dong Bai                                     Regulation of lipase activity by viviparous-1 and abscisic acid during
                                                                     development of the caryopsis of Zea mays L.
1989    Cynthia Blakey                                 Restriction fragment length polymorphisms of chromosome 10S in maize
                                                                     (Zea mays L.) linked to resistance to Southern rust (Puccinia polysora)   
1989    Dwight Bohlmeyer                            A protein electrophoretic analysis of population structure in the red drum
                                                                     (Sciaenops ocellatus)    
1989    Marshal Hedin                                  Evolutionary genetics of Peromyscus from the Pacific Northwest:
                                                                     population structure and interspecific relationships    
1989    Lynn Hanson                                    Histology and isozyme analysis of early infection of nearly isogenic
                                                                     susceptible and resistant maize cultivars by Puccinia polysora    
1989    Pushpa Kathir                                  Analysis of insertion mutants in the Escherichia coli fertility factor F
                                                                     transfer genes: traY, traQ, trbA, trbB and artA
1989    Ingrid Lyles                                      Variability in desert bighorn and Rambouillet sheep using restriction
                                                                     fragment length polymorphisms    
1989    Michael Pietro                                  Development and characterization of Triticum searsii disomic and
                                                                     ditelosomic addition lines
1989    Elizabeth Ryder                               Synaptonemal complex analysis of chromosomal pairing in two species
                                                                    of quail    
1989    Sidney Sherwood                            Characterization of BoLA class II genes    
1989    Francine Shirley                              Purification of the product of the unknown gene from the pyrLBIX
                                                                    operon in Escherichia coli    
1989    David Threadgill                         Genomic analysis of the major bovine milk protein genes: implications for
                                                                     the evolution of mammalian syntenic groups
1989    Florence Wall                                   The gestation-dependent variation in aflatoxin B1 activation by rat liver
1989    Yaw-Ching Yang                         Genetic control of adenylate kinase and fructokinase in hexaploid wheat
                                                                     and other Triticeae species    
1989    Susan Zneimer                           Comparative physical mapping of the fibronectin and gamma crystallin
                                                                    genes in the mouse and cow, and karyotypic analysis of a panel of
                                                                    bovine-hamster hybrid somatic cells
1988    Kathleen Davis                                Karyotypic variation in the Peromyscus boylii species group in western
1988    Don Estes                                   Characterization of the antibody response to Brucella abortus S2308
                                                                     challenge infection in cattle
1988    Marla Foreman                           Mapping the human chromosome 11p syntenic group in cattle
1988    Robert Livingston                            The mapping of phosphoglycerate kinase, Duchenne muscular dystrophy,
                                                                     and clotting factor IX to the bovine X chromosome by in situ hybridization
1988    David Hole                                  Development of Zea mays L. caryopses: regulation of embryo dormancy
                                                                     and differences in protein patterns associated with manipulation of ABA
                                                                     levels in intact kernels cultured in vitro
1988    Alberto Livore                             Characterization of chloroplast DNA of androgenic albino rice plants
1988    Yvonne Moll                                    Cattle gene mapping: electrophoretic and synteny analysis of thirty-two
                                                                    cattle enzyme-gene markers in cattle-hamster hybrid somatic cells    
1988    Laura Faber                                    Analysis of the syntenic relationship of bovine thyroglobulin, carbonic
                                                                    anhydrase II, and c-mos genes
1988    Steven Weinman                             The analysis of chain terminating mutations in the nuc gene of Serratia
1988    Lisa Zevallos                                   Activation of Norman Murine Myxosarcoma DNA polymerase alpha by
                                                                    phosphatidylinositol-4-monophosphate and inositol-1,4-bisphosphate   
1987    Chris Amemiya                           Cytogenetic and cytosystematic studies of the nucleous organizer regions
                                                                     of North American cyprinid fishes
1987    Bryan Bailey                                    Resistance to Puccinia polysora in Zea mays L.: identification, genetic
                                                                     transmission (linkages) and induced molecular responses
1987    Zina Cernosek                                 A comparative study of DNA polymerase alpha isolation
1987    Stuart Calhoun                           Systematic and biogeographic implications of biochemical variation in
                                                                    insular populations of Peromyscus from the Pacific Northwest
1987    Mary Dean                                      The regulation of thymidylate biosynthesis in the cellular slime mold:
                                                                    Dictyostelium discoideum    
1987    Chantel Scheuring                          The isolation and characterization of plastid DNA from rice (Oryza sativa)    
1987    Laura Vilander                                Comparative promoter activities of three endogenous copies of mouse
                                                                    mammary tumor virus
1986    Linda Adkison                             Syntenic localization of bovine genes for class I alpha interferons, beta
                                                                    interferons, fibronectin, and growth hormone
1986    James McAvin                                Gene mapping of bovine phosphoribosylglycinamide synthetase (PRGS)
                                                                    and phosphoribosylaminoimidazole synthetase (PAIS) in hybrid somatic
1986    Martin Michaelson                          Nuclear DNA content variation in Helianthus annus and the detection of
                                                                    repetitive DNA sequences    
1986    Susan Moyer                                   Isolation and characterization of a highly repeated satellite DNA
                                                                    sequence from the cyprinid fish Notropis lutrensis    
1986    Donna Muzny                                  Deoxyribonucleic acid homology and genomic analysis of Brucella
strains 19 and 2308
1986    David Post                                       The in vivo bioactivation of the teratogen aflatoxin B1 by maternal and
                                                                    fetal tissues in C57BL   
1986    Chara Ragland                                Nuclear DNA content variation in the North American sunfish (Pisces,
1986    Donna Rich                                     Comparative cytotaxonomy in the tribe Bovini studied by banding
1986    Robert Tipton                                   Detection of major histocompatibility complex antigens and their
                                                                     segregation on bovine embryos  
1985    Donald Fulsom                           The evolutionary relationships of the seed storage proteins: protein
1985    Eldon Jupe                                      Genomic DNA methylation at specific stages in the life cycle of two fungi    
1985    Teddy Wallace                                 A comparison of selected mar and non-mar cotton cultivars for seed and
                                                                    seedling traits contributing to stand establishment and yield under
                                                                    laboratory and field conditions
1984    Carol Johns                                The cytology and genetics of mode of reproduction in a facultatively
                                                                    apomictic accession of buffelgrass (Cenchrus ciliaris (L.) Link.)
1984    Janet Johnson                                Metabolic divergence in the regulation of pyrimidine   
1984    Kurt Kirkpatrick                               The relationship between isozyme phenotype and morphological variation
                                                                    in Cucurbita    
1984    Michael Pietro                                 The genetic control and subcellular locations of triosephosphate
                                                                    isomerase of hexaploid wheat and related species    
1984    Albert Rayburn                           Heterochromatin and DNA content variation in Zea Mays (L.)
1984    Lynne Sims                                     Nuclear DNA content in the genus Helianthus L. (sunflower)    
1984    Melinda Wales                            Characterization of pyrimidine metabolism in the cellular slime mold,
                                                                    Dictyostelium discoideum
1983    George Fernandez                          Heritability of and inter-relationship among N2 fixation variables in two
                                                                    mung bean, (Vigna radiata (L.) Wilczek) populations
1983    Richard Percy                             Inheritance of resistance to southwestern cotton rust within upland cotton
                                                                    (Gossypium hirsutum L.)
1982    John Carman                              Defoliation responses of little bluestem at the organism and population
1982    Theodore Garber                            Oxypurine uptake and metabolism in Neurospora crassa    
1981    John Clark                                  The inheritance of fermentable carbohydrates in stems of Sorghum
(L.) Moench
1981    Frank Deal                                      Expression of esterase-2 in developing mouse embryos and neonates    
1981    Sally Herlick                                    Relationship between the Nucleotide pools and the levels of aspartate
                                                                    transcarbamoylase in Escherichia coli and Salmonella typhimurium    
1980    Rebecca Davies                          Introgression between Elymus canadensis L. and E. virginicus L.
                                                                    (Triticeae, Poaceae) in south central United States
1979    Bharat Adhikary                              Morphological stability and metabolic activity of rice (Oryza sativa L.)
                                                                    protoplasts in media supplemented with polyamines and divalent cations
1979    Richard Percy                                 Inheritance of chemical constituents in leachate from the seed coat of
                                                                    cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) and their interrelations with several seed
1979    Richard Sabina                           Regulation of nucleotide metabolism during conidial germination in
                                                                     Neurospora crassa
1979    Maxine Stiles                                   Testosterone-induced phenotypic sex reversal in sheep    
1978    Anthony Genovesi                       Advances in the development of a somatic cell genetic system for Oryza
                                                                     sativa (rice) via anther culture
1978    Albert Rayburn                                 The chromosome knobs of Zea mays (L.)    
1978    Raymond Stallings                           Chromosomal characterizations in a restricted population of Geomys
                                                                     bursarius (Rodentia: Geomyidae)    
1977    Roy Fuchs                                  Purification and characterization of ADPGlucose pyrophosphorylase A
                                                                    from maize endosperm
1977    Robert Grumbles                             The development of in vitro culture techniques for species of the
                                                                    Microseridinae (Compositae, Cichorieae)   
1977    David McMillin                                 Determination of the linkage relationships and the gene-centromere
                                                                    genetic distances for endopeptidase structural genes in hexaploid wheat
1977    Quentin Pye                                    Induction of mutations resistant to maize dwarf mosaic virus in Sorghum
                                                                    bicolor using gamma radiation    
1977    Chennareddy Reddy                  Physiological and genetic effects of gamma rays, ethylmethane
                                                                    sulphonate, hydrazine, cysteine and their combinations in Sorghum
(L.) Moench
1976    Claude McDaniel                             A search for regulatory mutants of the nitrate utilization pathway of
                                                                    Neurospora crassa    
1976    Richard Sabina                                Regulation of hypoxanthine transport in Neurospora crassa    
1975    Anthony Genovesi                           Heterokaryosis and the parasexual cycle in Pyricularia oryzae Cav.  
1975    Kuang Tang                                     Identification of added rye chromosomes in wheat-rye addition lines   
1974    Mary Ball                                    Comparison of inbreds derived by gametic and zygotic selection schemes
                                                                    in simulated populations
1974    Walter Deutsch                           Control of pyrimidine biosynthesis and metabolism of pyrimidine
                                                                    nucleosides and nucleotides in Enterobacter aerogenes
1974    Cassandra Smith                        Biochemical analysis of an E. coli mutator strain
1974    Michael Torres                            Developmental specificity and evolution of acid phosphatase isozymes
                                                                    of Triticum aestivum and its progenitor species
1973    Craig McKinley                           Stock-scion relationships and graft incompatibility in slash pine and
                                                                    loblolly pine
1973    Dipankar Sen                              An evaluation of mitochondrial heterosis and in vitro mitochondrial
                                                                    complementation in plants
1973    John Womack                            Pyrimidine overproduction in lower organisms
1972    George Bowling                              In vitro leukocyte sex chromosome replication patterns of bovine
1972    Ernest Long                                Genetic polymorphism of isozymes in loblolly pine seed
1972    Mohamed-Aly Tayel                    Linkage relationships between the B4 gene for bacterial blight resistance
                                                                    and genes for pollen color, lint percentage and seedling traits in
                                                                    Gossypium hirsutm L.
1971    Mary Ball                                    Application of population genetics theory to a gametic sampling scheme
1971    Yi-Ping Chien                                  A comparison of the mutagenic effects of endogenous and exogenous
                                                                    nitrite on Neurospora crassa
1971    Glen Collier                                     Analysis of the origin of Johnson grass, Sorghum halepense (Linn.), by
                                                                    protein electrophoresis 
1971    Walter Deutsch                                Control of the activity and synthesis of aspartate transcarbamylase in
                                                                    Aerobacter aerogenes
1971    Gholam Djavadi                          Regulatory and kinetic properties of malate dehydrogenase from plant
1971    James Read                               Cytotaxonomic relationships in the genera Pennisetum and Cenchrus and
                                                                    the manipulation of apomixis
1971    Richard Stockert                         The effect of fluoride on pyrimidine synthesis in Salmonella typhimurium
1971    Jimmy Williams                               Corepressors of the pyrimidine biosynthetic pathway in Salmonella

1971    John Womack                                 Characterization of temperature-sensitive aspartate transcarbamylase
                                                                    revertants in Salmonella typhimurium    
1970    James Fuchs                              Genetic variation in lysine and protein content in corn seed
1970    Wayne Hanna                             Identification of trisomes of Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench by observing
                                                                    progeny of triploid X translocation stocks
1970    Jerry Quisenberry                       Phenotypic stability in Cultivated Gossypium
1970    Theodore Rosario                       An evaluation of second cycle gametic selections with a monogametic
                                                                    tester for improving an inbred line of corn
1970    Hari Srivastava                           Studies of biochemical bases of mitochondrial heterosis in wheat
                                                                   (Triticum aestivum, Linn.)
1969    Gholam Djavadi                              Hormonal regulation of mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation   
1968    Salem Abd-Alla                               Inheritance and interrelationships of some seedling disease escape
                                                                    characteristics in cotton, Gossypium hirsutum L.
1968    Munshi Ahmad                            A gametic selection experiment with corn
1968    Seudy Chung                                  Chromosome aberrations and mutations in sorghum induced by dimethyl-
                                                                    sulfoxide, ethylmethane-sulfonate, sodium fluoride and colchicine
1968    Charles Douglas                         A study of triploid and 3x-1 aneuploid plants in the genus gossypium
1968    Mosaad El-Hifny                         Gamete selection in corn
1968    Samir Mouftah                             Mitotic aberrations in Vicia faba L. chromosomes induced by sodium
1968    Abbas Omran                              Inheritance of cold hardiness, disease resistance, and certain agronomic
                                                                     characters in flax (Linum usitatissinum L.)
1968    Mohamed Taha                           A cytogenetic study of differentiation between G. hirsutum and G.
chromosomes using heterozygous translocations involving
                                                                    certain chromosomes of the A and D genomes
1967    Adeeba Abid                                   Effect of glycine on chromosomal aberrations of Allium cepa L. root tips
                                                                    caused by sodium fluoride   
1967    Aubrey Allison                             Comparisons between the first and fourth cycles of reciprocal recurrent
                                                                    selection in a corn improvement program
1967    Lamar Boyd                                     Genetic variation of packing density within a selected population of
                                                                    Loblolly Pine (Pinus taeda L.)    
1967    Raymond Gerdes                        Effect of atmospheric hydrogen fluoride upon Drosophila melanogaster
1967    Ming-Hung Yu                                  Earworm resistance in maize    
1967    Edward Simpson                         Predicting double cross yields in corn
1967    Mohamed Tayel                               Resistance in cotyledons, leaves, stems and bolls conferred by several B
                                                                    genes in Gossypium hirsutum L. as measured by races of Xanthomonas
                                                                    malvacearum (E.F.Sm) Dows   
1966    James Fuchs                                  Genetic linkage relationships and gene segregations of the B4, H1, H3,
                                                                   Gl2, and Gl3 genes in Gossypium hirsutum L.
1966    Samir Mouftah                                A study of cytogenetical relationships between Sorghum vulgare Pers.,
                                                                   S. virgatum
(HACK.) Stapf, and S. halepense (Linn.)
1966    Tai Yai-po                                       The inheritance of resistance to Periconia circinata (Mang.) Sacc. in
vulgare Pers.    
1965    Morgan Chiang                           Diallel analysis of the inheritance of quantitative characteristics in
1963    Ivan Tiranti                                     A cytogenetic study of the Gossypium arboreum L. Gossypium hirsutum
                                                                   L. ring-of-six chromosomes and some plant characters isolated from a
                                                                   three-species hybrid
1962    Charles Bragassa                           Least-squares analysis of several components of beef tenderness
1961    Kishen Narayan                              Behavior of colchicine induced polyploids in Sorghum vulgare Pers. and
                                                                   their crosses  
1960    Charles Bragassa                           Inheritance of resistance to endrin in the cotton boll weevil, Anthonomus

1960    Ray Goddard                              Some factors influencing vegetative and reproductive responses in
                                                                    Pinus taeda L.
1959    Holger Brix                                  Some aspects of drought resistance in loblolly pine seedlings
1958    Robert Hamilton                               Inheritance of chlordane resistance in cockroaches, with knockdown time
                                                                     and time of kill as measures of individual resistance
1958    Carlos Pereyra                                 Linkage relationships in Gossypium hirsutum    
1957    Mohammad Abedi                            Location of marker genes on definite chromosomes of Gossypium
1957    Jose  Lazo de la Vega                     The identification and behavior of trisomics in Sorghum vulgare Pers. and
                                                                     their use in locating the Ms2 and A genes 
1957    George Rivers                            Inheritance of resistance to Helminthosporium blight, crown rust race
                                                                    216,  stem rust race 7A and certain agronomic characters in oats
1956    Robert Celarier                                A cytogenetical survey of the Andropogon ischaemum complex
1956    Lewis Johnson                            Studies on the role of chicken blood groups A and B in the induction of
                                                                     anemia in chicks
1956    Johannes Van Buijtenen                  Summerwood formation in loblolly pine    
1955    L. Bird                                         The bacterial blight disease of cotton. III. A statistical study of the
                                                                     inheritance of Stoneville 20 resistance. IV. The physiological nature of
                                                                     Stoneville 20 resistance
1955    Washo Butany                                 Chromosome behavior of five sorghum species and the use of embryo
                                                                    culture in growing their interspecific hybrids   
1955    Abdul Memon                             A study of cytological and morphological segregation in "F 1" three-
                                                                    species hybrids derived from hexaploid X diploid crosses of Gossypium
1955    Mohammad Quazi                      Variation in rectal temperature, respiratory rate, and pulse rate of cattle
                                                                    as related to variations in solar radiation, air temperature, wind velocity,
                                                                    and vapor pressure
1954    J. Gaines                                         A study of first-record, best-record, and average-record selection for
                                                                    butterfat production in dairy cows   
1953    James Mahan                                 An investigation of the potential plant breeding value of a 30-chromosome
                                                                    hybrid of Sorghum halepense (L.) Pers. X Sorghum vulgare Pers.    
1953    Mohammad Quazi                          A statistical study of measures of breeding efficiency in dairy cows
1952    Billy Waddle                                    A comparison of open-pollination with self-pollination as methods of strain
                                                                    testing in a cotton breeding program
1952    Richard Holland                              A genetic study of partial male sterility in sorghum   
1952    Albert Oakes                                   A study of sterility in certain Gossypium hybrids 
1951    John Endrizzi                                  A cytogenetical study of a 40-chromosome hybrid of Sorghum vulgare X
                                                                    Sorghum halepense
1951    Morris Garber                                 The influence of sire, dam, and hatching date on growth of single comb
                                                                    white Leghorn pullets from hatching to eighteen weeks of age
1951    Harold Loden                                  Genetic evaluation of the role of cryptic structural differences as a
                                                                    mechanism of speciation in Gossypium hirsutum and Gossypium
1950    L. Bird                                             The bacterial blight disease of cotton. I. Studies of the causal organism
                                                                    Xanthomonas malvacearum. II. The inheritance of Stoneville 20
1949    Roy Harper                                     A study of variation and correlation in chile pepper, Capsicum
1949    Ahmed Heiba                                  Developmental and histological studies of seed hair in Gossypium
1949    Cheng Hsieh                                   A comparative study of the morphological characteristics of synthesized
                                                                    polyploids in cotton, with special emphasis on variation in the
                                                                    reproductive organs
1949    Harold Lynn                                     The inheritance of "stormproof" boll type in gossypium hirsutum
1949    Albert Oakes                                   Pollen behavior in Arachis hypogea
1949    William Wiley                                  The influence of inherent egg weight on the pre-hatching and post-
                                                                    hatching growth rate in the domestic fowl
1948    Prabhu Basu                                   The study of the effect of some diluters upon the longevity and
                                                                    morphology of bull spermatozoa in storage
1948    Shelby Cain                                    The interrelation of lint color, leaf color, leaf shape, and seed cover and
                                                                    their effects on yield in American upland cottons
1948    Pundarik Pandya                            Variability of fiber length in an inbred line of American upland cotton
1947    Vasudev Bederker                          Effect of backcrossing on the economic character of cotton in interspecific
1947    Homer Blackhurst                           Cytogenetic studies on Rosa Rubiginosa L. and its hybrids
1945    Jacinto Rivera Perez                      Cytological analysis of progeny of crosses of 2N+1 plants in Gossypium
1943    Raleigh Patterson                           A study of hair follicles and their changes as related to wool
                                                                    characteristics in sheep
1942    Henry Hadley                                  Chromosomal aberrations in Gossypium produced by irradiation
1942    Cleo Manning                                  Spontaneous chromosomal aberrations in Gossypium
1941    Mark Tomes                                     A study of pollen viability among varieties of plums commonly grown in
1940    Sukhram Chandiramani                  An experimental attempt to modify the sex ration in rats and rabbits
1940    Robert Hughes                                A statistical and genetical analysis of shattering in wheat
1940    John Rogers                                    A study of intergeneric differences in Zea-Euchlaena hybrids
1939    George Warner                               Variation and selection in buffalo grass, Buchloe dactyloides (Nutt.)
1938    Victor Ayres                                     Hybrid vigor in Gossypium species
1938    Lanoy Hazel                                     A statistical study of the accuracy of swine weights
1938    Thomas Richmond                           The inheritance of brown and green color in the lint and seed fuzz of
                                                                     upland cotton
1938    Lewis Roberts                                  A genetic and histological study of a defective endosperm character in
1936    Herbert King                                     Color inheritance in mammals with special reference to Navajo sheep
1936    Raleigh Patterson                              A study of the hormones of pregnancy of mammals
1936    Paul Sturkie                                      The inheritance of shank color in chickens
1935    Iley Stokes                                        A biometrical analysis of certain characters of Saccharum officinarum
1934    James Beasley                                 The inheritance of length of lint, percentage of lint, and ball index in
                                                                      varietal and species crosses in cotton
1934    Paul Dunkle                                     Shattering in winter wheat as influenced by various head and grain
1934    J. Quinby                                          Radiation-induced variation in sorghum
1934    Sarup Singh                                     A study of the inheritance of boll-lock number in cotton
1933    Frederick Herrmann                         The inheritance of certain flower characters in varietal and species
                                                                     crosses in cotton
1932    Raymond Berry                                Hybridization and cytological studies with sheep and goats
1932    Mohammed Jabbar                          A biometrical analysis of certain characters of Gossypium hirsutum
1930    William Jones                                  The possibility of producing somatic mutations in chickens by treating
                                                                     eggs with x-rays
1928    Emory Cushing                                A multiple correlation study of certain quantitative characters in
                                                                    Gossypium hirsutum
1928    Robert Karper                                  The relation of head and plant characters to yield in kafir
1927    Henry Dunlavy                                 A quantitative study of variation in certain strains of Gossypium hirsutum
1926    Chauncey Godbey                           A statistical study of the relation between certain body characters and
                                                                     egg production
1926    Irvin May                                          A biometrical study of certain physical characters in students of Lon
                                                                    Morris College
1925    Charles Mahoney                            Inheritance of certain seedling characters in cotton
1925    Jesse Gearreald                              The inheritance of height, girth and size of cannon bone in jacks, jennets
                                                                    and mules
1925    Francois Du Toit                              Seedling vigor and its relation to certain characters in the mature cotton
1925    D. Killough                                       A quantitative study of variation in Belton cotton
1925    Lucian Rich                                     The value of the correlation coefficient in line-bred material as a
                                                                    measure of non-genetic influences
1924    R. Sherwood                                    A study of the inheritance of certain characters in standard-bred poultry
1923    Arthur Conner                                  The interpretation of correlation data
1919    Louis Wermelskirchen                     A quantitative study of variation within a pure line of Avena sativa

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